Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg - Screen-Acting
»Neue Medien und Theater« Workshop mit Chris Kondek © Linda Krämer


Head of course/lecturer: Kai Wessel

A modul of Acting-training at the ADK

The Screen Acting course is an integral part of the training for actors at Ludwigsburg and it stands out among performing arts colleges for its depth and its multi-faceted approach. The stage and the screen make very different demands of actors today. It is hugely beneficial, therefore, to acquire professional skills and competence in both areas while training.

It is also a fact that new media (video, live streaming, animation and film) have long since established a foothold in the theatre, resulting in very particular aesthetic narratives, and this process is set to continue. Students therefore need the skills and an uninhibited artistic response to working with film and the new digital media. Close proximity to the Film Academy, with its international reputation, offers students a chance to meet experienced cinema professionals working on the international circuit and to engage in collaborative ventures of all kinds. The teams and networks formed here sometimes persist long after graduation.


The Screen-Acting course is spread across all the semesters in units. It is closely linked to the general course and ranges from basic camera experience and film studies to involvement in professional TV and cinema formats. Learned experience and taught material are adapted, focusing on the specific features of working for the screen. This takes place in theory seminars and practical workshops: working in front of and with the camera, the Meisner technique, film coaching, working on a set, script analysis, the shoot, cinema history, interviews with actors, casting sessions and personal advice. Students also learn about working with the visual media in general and about using video for the stage and in other artistic processes.

Particular attention is paid during the Screen Acting course to learning to use our own resources and taking responsibility for our work, because increasingly tight production cycles require screen actors to put a great deal of effort into preparing independently.
The broad-based Acting course at ADK Baden-Württemberg endeavours in every sense to respond to the demands that will be posed by the future of the profession.