Study information

Study time

Start of semester    19th of September 2022
Campus opening    19th of September 2022

Winter semester     19th of September 2022 – 10th of March 2023
Summer semester  11th of April 2023 – 28th of July 2023

Christmas break     24rd of December 2022 – 06th of January 2023
Semester break      13th of March 2023 –  11th of April 2023

National holidays:

3rd of October 2022      Anniversary of German unification
1st of November 2022   All Saints’ Day
25th/26th of December 2022   Christmas
01st of January 2023     New Year
7th of April 2023     Good Friday
10th of April 2023     Easter Monday
1st of May 2023         1st May Holiday
18th of May 2023      Ascension Day
29th of May 2023    Whit Monday
8th of June 2023     Corpus Christi

Campus Magazine / Course Catalogue

Our annual campus magazine informs about the ADK and its studies as Acting, Directing and Dramaturgy, the university internal events, the teachers and many more.

The course catalogues can be found at the respective courses of study. They are the basis of planning with an overview of the classes as well as functioning as foundation for the study documents.


Students service

Petra Kerstan
Jommelli-Haus Raum 2.06
Phone +49 7141 – 30996 – 21

Course of study Acting

Head of course: Prof. Benedikt Haubrich, deputy: Hon.-Prof. Wulf Twiehaus
Tutor 1st year  of study: Hon.-Prof. Antje Siebers
Tutor 2nd year  of study: Hon.-Prof. Wulf Twiehaus
Tutor 3rd year  of study: Anne Greta Weber | Caspar Weimann
Tutor 4th year of study: Prof. Benedikt Haubrich

Academic office: Dr. Claudia Wolf

Course of study Directing

Head of course: Prof. Tómas Zielinski

Tutor 1st year of study: Prof. Tómas Zielinski
Tutor 2nd year of study: Tucké Royale
Tutor 3rd year of study: Hon.-Prof. Carolin Hochleichter
Tutor 4th year of study: Prof. Ludger Engels

Academic Office/ Examination Office: Angela Staudt

Course of study Dramaturgie

Head of course and tutor: Hon.-Prof. Jens Groß
Deputy: Hon.-Prof. Carolin Hochleichter

Academic Office: Meral Demirdögen,


Finding a flat

The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart and the student service at ADK are helping you by finding a flat. More information via Living in Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg

Conflict management | Psychological support

Petra Kucher-Sturm and Rainer Sturm, the diploma psychologists of Studentenwerk Stuttgart, are supporting you with your personal and interpersonal problems, for example

  • Problems with your studies
  • Problems with your job
  • Problems with time management
  • Problems with motivation
  • Exam nerves or other fears
  • Restlessness, exhaustion or sleep disorders
  • Depressive moods or depression
  • A lack of self-esteem
  • Find it hard to make friends or socialize
  • Problems with your partner or family

The discussions are absolutely confidential: our psychologists are subject to secrecy. Moreover, the consultations are free of charge and you usually receive an appointment within two weeks.

Since e-mail communication with Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is not encrypted, we cannot guarantee confidentiality for the information you e-mail to us!

Office address
Studierendenwerk Stuttgart
Psychotherapeutische Beratung
Rosenbergstraße 68
70174 Stuttgart

+49 711 / 95 74-480 /-482

You can make use of the psychotherapeutic counselling and conflict management at the ADK by Angelika Niermann. Registration at the students service:  or  by phone: +49 7141 30996 21

Meal vouchers

Meal vouchers are available at the vending machine opposite of the entrance of Film Academy for € 3. Meal vouchers are only provided for enrolled students. For the verification of the entitlement the student card has to be held at the red button at the vending machine. For the payment you need an EC card of your current account. The requested contribution will be debited from your EC card. The maximum amount of 30 meal vouchers can be bought monthly (x € 3 = € 90).
They can be redeemed at »Blauer Engel«, »Joe Penas«.

The AStA (short in German for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, General Students Committee) consists of a group of students at the ADK and is elected by the student assembly. It has the duty of a mediator between concerns of the students and the management of the ADK, to question and improve the structure and teaching at ADK.

Representatives of the AStA:

Lasse Lehmann, deputy: Alina Thiemann
Sophie Marleen Jany, deputy: Daria Kleyn
Tobias Neumann, deputy: Lara Humm
Justin Leontine Woschni, deputy: Jonathan Fiebig

Emma Scharff, deputy: Max Porstmann
Merle Zurawski, deputy: Antonia Heiser
Alessa Bollack, deputy: Jan Müller
Linda Bockmeyer, deputy Jonas Arndt

Philine Pastenaci, deputy: Amelie Hermann
Jana Fritzsche, deputy: Julia Fiebag

(Status as of winter semester 2022|23)

Tuition fee

The state of Baden-Württemberg has not been charging tuition fees since the summer semester 2012.

As of the winter semester 2017|18, international students who come from outside the EU for the purpose of studying will make a contribution of € 1.500 per semester. For the second degree, € 650 are charged per semester

Informations for educational support BAFöGhere (in German)

In 2021|22 a contribution of  € 121,-  for the Studierendenwerk and an administration and AStA fee of € 35.- is mandatory.

Informations of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart
see here:

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